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Idiom and phrases-59 ( in Hindi)
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1000+ idiom and phrases This course will help you in every competitive exams Here we'll cover all about idiom and phrases.

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Priyanka Aggarwal
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i am watching your complete course it is very good
  1. Read between the lines To understand the inner meaning

  2. Rise to the occasion To act as the occasion demands to be able to do what is required in an emergency

  3. Ride rough shod over Deal unkindly with

  4. Read for the bar Study to become a barrister

  5. Rest on one's laurels Who depend too much on 1 past success and therefore make no for the effort ,to be complacent

  6. Rank and file Ordinary people

  7. Rule off To draw a line in order to separate di

  8. Rule the roost To be the person in a group ,family etc whose order ,wishes etc are obeyed, exercise authority

  9. Rub up thee wrong way To annoy or irritate someone

  10. Run its course To Develop or happen in the usual way