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Idiom and phrases-53 ( in Hindi)
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1000+ idiom and phrases This course will help you in every competitive exams Here we'll cover all about idiom and phrases.

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Priyanka Aggarwal
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  1. Off the hook Free from some difficulty or problem

  2. Off colour Not very well

  3. Off hand Without preparation or delay

  4. On edge Nervous , uneasy

  5. Put two and two together To deduce from given fact

  6. Put one's foot up To take rest

  7. Put on airs/ give oneself airs To behave as if one is better or more important than others

  8. Put a spoke in wheel To obstruct

  9. Put words in someone's mouth Tell a person what to say

  10. Pale into insignificance Seemed less important T

  11. previous years idiom and phrases from 1997-2018 1000+ idiom and phrases with meaning nd explanation PRESENTED BY PRIYANKA AGGARWAL