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Idiom and phrases-44 ( in Hindi)
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1000+ idiom and phrases This course will help you in every competitive exams Here we'll cover all about idiom and phrases.

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Priyanka Aggarwal
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Plz sir make a video on classical mechanics problems
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Sure, we will upload it shortly
Always Present Mam
Priyanka Aggarwal
10 months ago
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  1. Look forward to To wait with pleasure for

  2. Look into To inspect or investigate closely

  3. Look blue Sad 3GTH

  4. Look up to To respect the conduct ,opinion etc of 3114

  5. Lose one's head lo become angry or excited

  6. Lose ground To make back or retreat

  7. Let off steam To release his tension emotion etc

  8. Lame excuse Unacceptable lies

  9. Let off To fire ald1

  10. Laugh in one's sleeve To laugh secretly

  11. previous years idiom and phrases from 1997-2018 1000+ idiom and phrases with meaning nd explanation PRESENTED BY PRIYANKA AGGARWAL