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Idiom and phrases-40 ( in Hindi)
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1000+ idiom and phrases This course will help you in every competitive exams Here we'll cover all about idiom and phrases.

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Priyanka Aggarwal
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mam kuch topics me aap khud confuse h. jaise ki gland me
Zing Pi
a year ago
aisa to kuch laga nahi
Harish Singh
a year ago
@Pranjali Ji If You Can't appreciate / Encourage one Don't Even Discourage him/ Her atleast .
Nice Concepts and tricks explained Mam
Priyanka Aggarwal
10 months ago
Thankyou 😊 Sourav ji
  1. Keep in the dark To keep something a secret have no information at all

  2. Keep the wolf away from the door To keep away hunger or avoid starvation

  3. Keep oneself to oneself Unsociable

  4. Keep something under one's hat To keep something secret

  5. Keep /have something up one's sleeve To keep a plan etc secret for possible use at the later time

  6. Keep body and soul together To earn a sufficient amount of money in order to keep yourself alive

  7. Kiss the dust To be humiliated

  8. Kiss the road To accept punishment gladly

  9. Kiss the ground To be killed

  10. Keep up one's appearances To keep upon an outward show of prosperity

  11. previous years idiom and phrases from 1997-2018 1000+ idiom and phrases with meaning nd explanation PRESENTED BY PRIYANKA AGGARWAL