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How One Should Approach RC Questions (in Hindi)
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Ajeet Singh
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So many spelling and grammer mistakes
Sruthi Srinivas
a year ago
that is summary & no point in seeing grammer mistakes
  1. How one should approach READING COMPREHENSION Questions in the Exam Enroll/save

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  3. How one should approach READING COMPREHENSION Questions in the Examm

  4. READING COMPREHENSION How one should approach RC Questions in the Exam Generally, there are 2 ways in which an RC can be attempted which are given below:

  5. READING COMPREHENSION 1. PQ Approach Read the entire passage thoroughly first and then read the questions Skim & Scan through the passage and keep going back and forth with questions and passage Read the first 2 paragraphs, scan all the questions and see what you can answer, then read Paragraph 3 & 4, scan the questions and see what you can answer, then read Para 5 & 6 . .

  6. READING COMPREHENSION 2. QP approach Read all the questions with their answer options first and then the passage. Read question 1 with all the options, then go through the entire passage to answer it. Then read question 2, go through the entire passage. Then Question 3 Just read all the question stems, without reading the answer options. Then read the passage and try answering the questions by reading them with the options.

  7. READING COMPREHENSION Tips you must follow while doing an RC. 1. Eliminate and not select: In most cases elimination of choices work better than the selection of choices. here is an approach to eliminate which is BANE. Eliminate choices that are too broad, too narrow, that are alien (Strange) and too extreme. 2. Never apply your own knowledge/assumption to the given passage. Confine your understanding to the given passage only

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