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Do's and Dont's For RC (in Hindi)
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Ajeet Singh
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  1. Effective Do's and Don'ts for the Reading Comprehension Enroll/save

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  3. Effective Do's and Don'ts for the Reading Comprehension

  4. READING COMPREHENSION DO's: 1. Understanding is the Key It is essential to remember that unless you understand what the passage is trying to convey, it becomes really difficult to solve the questions and thus, your accuracy suffers.

  5. READING COMPREHENSION 2. Speed Beats the Odds Especially in case of banking, where time is of the essence, a good reading speed gives you an edge to score well in the exam 3. Know When to Let Go It is important not to tussle with questions within an RC passage and thus, not compromise with the time in hand. Move on to the next question. You can always come back to it later if time permits.

  6. READING COMPREHENSION 4. Read Avidly and from a Variety of Sources RC passages can range from a variety of topics such as: Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Politics or even Science. We never know what might come our way. Hence, it is important that candidates establish a level of comfort with all such genres by reading from multiple sources. Newspapers, especially the editorials and the weekend specials are a good place to start.

  7. READING COMPREHENSION 5. Practice to Win the Game Nothing beats practice The more the number of question you practice, the more comfortable you get with the different question types, difficulty levels and thus, develop a better understanding of how to tackle them.

  8. READING COMPREHENSION 6. Regularity beats Intensity As an aspirant, it is imperative that you understand that being regular with reading and practice is way more important than just practicing a lot of questions in a single go. Regularity helps your brain to fall into a learning patterrn and thus, helps you establish a stronghold on a particular topic.

  9. READING COMPREHENSION DON'Ts 1. Don't Just Read; Understand A major problem that all candidates face while solving RC questions is that they get confused between 2 options. This happens because we read to understand only what the statements say; whereas the RC question type in the bank exam demands us to understand the writer's/author's perspective as well (this is known as reading between the lines)

  10. READING COMPREHENSION 2. Don't Compromise on Vocabulary RC tests a candidate's vocabulary both directly and indirectly. There might be difficult words in the passage that may make it difficult for you to understand what is being talked about (indirect testing of vocabulary). The passage may also consist of direct questions on synonyms, antonyms or even contextual meanings (direct testing of vocabulary)

  11. READING COMPREHENSION 4. Don't Tip the Balance of Speed vs Accuracy .It is essential to balance speed and accuracy to score well in any competitive exam The best way in which you can gauge this is via practicing multiple mock tests. Mock tests not only condition you for the real time exam but also help you analyze your areas of strengthand weaknesses.