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Family of Lines
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We discuss about the family of lines in detail here along with the questions.

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Sachin Rana
IIIrd Year UG, IIT Bombay | YouTuber with over 127k subscribers at Sachin Rana [IITB] | Organic Chemistry & Maths Expert.

Unacademy user
AAP systematically padhatin h syllabus wise ......thank you
BHAIYA , please tell me how to be confident in the exam hall?
The line is y=1, as the line at a minimum distance from the point (3,1) is the one at zero distance from it. Hence, the line passes through this point and the point of intersection of the lines.
Sachin Rana
a year ago
Yes, correct. Very good.
Bhaiya pls answer me one question is 2 years drop after 12 can affect my future studies like placements in colleges
Sachin Rana
a year ago
No idea about 2 years but one year won't affect it. I believe the same goes for 2 years too maybe.
Nikhil Upadhyay
a year ago
thank u bhaiya
after the completion of straight lines , sir can you start a course for circles?
Sachin Rana
a year ago
Yes, the next course is 'Circles'.
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