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Examination Based Questions: Part 2 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss problems based on examination and will solve these questions with Advance approaches

Devendra vmentor
Author of 3 books on Arithmetic, Advanced Maths & English Grammar. Cleared CSE (pre) / SSC-CGL / SBI PO / IBPS PO.

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mam please last q m zero kaise hue thora smj nhi aaya explain it
Value of Ex depends on the value of x on x-axis as - Ex= 800 x^2 If I talk about the face of cube for which x=0, Ex = 800 (x) ^2 = 800 (0) ^2 = 0 As electric flux depends on E as well as S, here for face-1, E=0, so flux will also be equal to 0.
Sir, आखिरी सवाल में doubt hai.... इसमें 60% फाइनल स्कोर लाने वाले विद्यार्थी 35% कैसे है. ये 60% होने चाहिए ना...क्योंकि remaining students 100-(30%+10%) = 60% है... Explain Please
a year ago
25% to absent h
Why not I think about it like this...4℅B=5℅G B/G=5/4. So total (B+G)=9=1800,,1=200 Then boys=5×200=1000 and girls=4×200=800????????
3 years ago
bhai 4 or 5 percent part diya hai jo absent the..but ratio me hm usko total ke barabar nai le skte...
hi Regarding 2nd question of 11th video.if the number of students become equal then how the ratio be different?
Good work.. I like following examples
Good work.. I like following examples
  1. Tricky Percentage For SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK RRB, LIC AAO...etc -Presented by Devendra (Vmentor)

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  3. In a school thrre are 800 studenb. Last dau except 4% the boys, au the students warepresen4 In the schosl . Today excePt all the students ware presen-+ 5% of +hegirls, all the studank are present in the school, buf in both the da no f studenls pese n tha Schoo were Soma. P,nd the no. s m he School it opliona 800 180 0 go Bojs 1000 9o0 9-600 Cids 8oo 1000-t 95 y, 800 96 y, of looo 800 1000 60 = g60 800

  4. 26 in a sc numben 11 .1f 75% of boy and 201 thum e parcenege f Studenls sho do not get seholnskip * 7 and 70% of th.grds are scholar-Shif.hddro s ase scholos cholonship 3o 100 400 x 25 41 400 10o uured % : 130 grols uon-Scholaashi? holders

  5. The total ro . of gl dents In tuo schools A and g is ggo. T.f +he ro. f studen school A is decreased and than04 ro- studer4s 4 School A is decreased by s % and the no- stude school 8 is 'm created bu tu,.,the no .of students . +00 Schole will become equaL. Find the ratio of the no . nceated A: 0: 35

  6. In an examination, oy.studensqualified from school A . There are 20 y, mooe student-s In School g then school A and,mo of students qualified n tha esam ame soy. more than the stvdants qualitiad fro Schol A uoha is he . f stolents qualitied to the noof stn appeared from school 8? A 8qvalified std 100 120 A Tn Sehool C 105 5 X100-52s 26 87:5 %

  7. In a class , 25 30x. faibd y20 marks and lon Tust grate mark3 5-Pnd the average scoreof the class 1 %of He studen4s were absent for on exdM 20 marks and 10% Just passed because f the remairnm stodents scored averaae f 6o morks and he passng marks are 33 (countma the fmal scores the 100 % Absent 25y, 5%present 35% students got a final score of 60 307. got fin f 13 Ioy. got fnore of 33 (inclusie of gau (33-20) 33-20) ays) mark) Hemce, tha ng Score f the clas 0.35 X 60 o1x 33 O 3 x 13

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