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Examination Based Questions: Part 1 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss problems based on examination and will solve these questions with Advance approaches

Devendra vmentor
Author of 3 books on Arithmetic, Advanced Maths & English Grammar. Cleared CSE (pre) / SSC-CGL / SBI PO / IBPS PO.

Unacademy user
Sir, do a course on elimination process to find answer for banking students in maths. Please you are the best and most important teacher for us. 💌
Sir, may be i am wrong but in one of the answer, you found the passing percentage 46.66 , but i think it should be 48.33
kiya sir ye percentage tum kara rahe kiya ye cgl kliya sufficient hai please response
Devendra vmentor
2 years ago
High level ke questions kara diye jayenge
Sir ap bahut bahut bahut jada accha pdhate ho.. Really thnx sir ????????☺ vmentor sir
  1. Tricky Percentage For SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK RRB, LIC AAO...etc -Presented by Devendra (Vmentor)

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  3. Find the perantaye ofmas obtained b him? 325 x 100 81.25 % esaminahon the passing cnten a is 35% TC one, candidate maximum In got Go marks and faldby So marks. Find marks of the exam 16 0 50 =210

  4. 20 A CondiolaHe scores 3SY. ond fails by yo mark while amokhar condi dahecho scoreg 60, mart-s, ge the exam. pind the madimom marks me exami!whdy) 400F) 35 mar*s mone dham the minimum requimed marks to pass 35 % Go I 25% - loo 3S (P) S 4-X (300

  5. Find the minimum marks to pass the exam 25 y, -- 75 40 Find the passing percentage? 145

  6. Aiay scoT23 phys and 667, marksin Chemis amd the maximom marts of both the papens are joo uohet perrcn doas the score in mathy uoli dong he score. In math, which ls de 20 matte, if he scores 8oy. morks n al the three sokjes ? 1 0 0 lo o : 4-0O 400 x 80 320 8o7. 146 l74 200

  7. 45 nf 70% of the studerYS 'n a School are boys and the number of girls be so4. find the ho of b ? 100 30% 504- o 30. 70% 504 3

  8. In a school thrre are 1800 studenb. Last dau except 4% the boys, au the studens were present m the School. Today excePt 5% of the girls, all the stodank are present in he school , but in both the da no f studens prese n tha Schoo were Some. Fino ha no f all the sudents were presen+ schvsl , but girls m the rts he School is o, OpHons O- 800 180 O go 3- goo -600 Giwls 1000 8oo 1000 760 = g60+800

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