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Approach to 'By' and 'To' Percentage Questions (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, you will learn the concept of By and To, observation based on decrease in a number/increase in the number + few questions with tricky approach.

Devendra vmentor
Author of 3 books on Arithmetic, Advanced Maths & English Grammar. Cleared CSE (pre) / SSC-CGL / SBI PO / IBPS PO.

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crystal clear...thank u so much sir
thank u so much sir for your trick and motivation
awesome and best techniques sir... tnq so much
sir aap question. hindi aur english dono me likhe hindi medium walo ko dikkat hoti hai n
  1. Tricky Percentage For SBI PO/CLERK, IBPS PO/CLERK RRB, LIC AAO...etc -Presented by Devendra (Vmentor)

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  3. If a number 18. 'mureasedby 257- thin bservof,ons asa t % "represent the old number 125 % pregent.the new number neus number . 125%

  4. f a number is decreased bu 25% then observahas 100y, represent H. old number 7sJe represent the nao number numbum 25% 45%

  5. xconcapt The income is advud by 40% means the neo income ls 6,0 .of the onginal. new income Tha income is eduad by40 - The Inco me is reduced to 40%- means

  6. height some Hmes on hight s t1o m. Pindl the percentago 90 Cm I10 m. (10-go 2.0 2.00-22- % 2. 22-22 . go 0 110 cm. 22-22y.

  7. Salon of Ravi 9000 per month and sal Kaman Ks to,ooo per mont* 10 9 100 9000

  8. what percent is the sala saler t Ravi that af kam lo lo In an election tuo condidaku condidale oho got 0 A0 Pind th tod no.of votes vofe 1 007. No inval ote 57 y. 43. loo loo 920

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