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Effective Stresses and Seepage - Geotechnical Engineering (in Hindi)
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In this lecture you will learn about the effective stress and seepage and various basic terms.

Simran Kapoor is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Simran Kapoor
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Unacademy user
where is other lecture in this course plz share link mam
this is just 30% of whole syllabus, WTH
Simran Kapoor
a year ago
Nishant i will share the course in which i have explained everything ..check my feed..and search before you write any comment
Nishant Yadav
a year ago
yes, I found it after I gave that comment and I apologise for your inconveniences
where are the other lectures after this topics???
Simran Kapoor
a year ago
Plz check my crash course of Soil Mechanics.
Simran Kapoor
a year ago
you will find all the topics there
ok.. thanks.....☺️
mam eske aage ka lacture nhi ......
Simran Kapoor
a year ago
i have covered all the topics in crash course . so once go through the crash course of soil mechanics
what is surcharge load?
  1. Effective Stresses & Seepage

  2. Hello! Nice to meet you I am Simran Kapoor. I am here because I love to give presentations. B.Tech(CE) J.N.G.E.C Sundernagar H.P You can find me at user/simran4010393-5087

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