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Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics): GATE (CE)


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21 reviews

Simran Kapoor

The course basically deals with all the important concepts , formula and numerical problems of Soil Mechanics which are important from GATE point of view. Hand written notes will help you to prepare short notes side by side and will help you near the exam time.



21 reviews

Satyajit Sinha

reviewed on Feb 25, 2019

content is to the point and in easy words. The slides/notes are clear. Good explaination. Helped me to grasp the matter

Vinod Meena

reviewed on Feb 28, 2019

nice Ma'am your teaching skills are wonderful and helpful for preparation of comparative exams

Athar Jami

reviewed on Dec 30, 2018

yes , this course is very helpful for every civil Engineer.

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