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Basic defintions and important Reltionships - Geotechnical Engineering
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In this lecture you will understand the basic terms used in soil mechanics and different relationships which are directly used in numerical problems.

Simran Kapoor is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Simran Kapoor
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Unacademy user
sir ye Sara syllabus cover kia hai aapne ethics ka?
Shubham Singh
7 months ago
Yup swati
Swati sharma
7 months ago
okay sir,thank you.
mam aap detail me nhi bata rahe e ki value n ki value limit kitani rahati inki
what is (gamma)w at 4:40? please help!
why considering vs(solids volume) is equal to 1 in relationships calculation of Gemma saturated, void ratio, and water content
Azizur Rahman
a year ago
because soil is fully saturated so the degree of saturation(s) is equals to 1.
Kadum Gao
10 months ago
vs is not 1 saturation (s)=1.
  1. Geotechnical Engineering Basic Definitions & Important Relationships

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