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Basic Structural unit of Clay Minerals - Geotechnical Engineering
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In this lesson you will learn about the tetrahedral and octahedral units. You will also learn the structures if Kaolinite mineral, Montmorillonite Mineral and Illite Mineral.

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Simran Kapoor
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very very useful lecture ...u r superrrr
octahedral means '8' know mam, then how it is surround by 6 atoms?
  1. Basic Structural unit of Clay Minerals

  2. HELLO 2 I am Simran Kapoor. B.Tech(CE) - J.N.G.E.C Sundernagar H.P I am here because I love to give presentations. You can find me at simran4010393-5087

  3. Basic Structural Units Of Clay Minerals BASIC STRUCTURAL ONITS C LA MINERALS Tetrahe dual unit D a At . atuminumctom ct cenrve borm e ate ecnai unita

  4. 4 Kaolinite & Montmorillonite Mineral Basic s Suret S) H bond levetopen beteen Minera, 'ts etable because bond en oxygen s6 suca anur ana nyde 's about loA .

  5. 4itka shet unih molecauwe lo igu amount > tat da menaion o.' , wuce num,o.oo! -o.oos LITE MINERAL non excmanaable poteusiumct) not toate ou gn IOA iemo o A ILLITE

  6. THANKS Any questions?