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Day 56 MCQ for Prelims 2019(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
Dream of Achieving Big l YouTube & Facebook : Subhodeep

Unacademy user
sir a ki left pr koi function nhi h jb bhi use minima kaha... pr whin f ki right pr function nhi h toh use maxima nhi kaha..aisa kyu??
Ashish Bajpai
a year ago
please let me know the timing of video so that I can understand your question.
  1. Daily MCQ Series for Prelims 2019 72G 73 74 75 C 76 45 unacademy 78 Subhodeep Das

  2. A Qus-1. "K-9 Vajra T was sometimes in news refers to what Y A) A long range Ballistic Missile cC) An Artillery gun purchase from USA B) A self propelled artillery guns purchase from South Korea D) An anti tank submarine 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  3. A Ans- (B) Y Explanation- cK9 Vajra T FO Maximum range-40 km o Self-propelled artillery guns .o Imported from South Korea . o 90% will be manufactured in India by L & T 2 9 Subhodeep Das

  4. A Qus-2. Consider the following statements regarding NRC Y1. It comes under the MHA 2. It was first prepared in 1951 census . Choose the right option/s A) Only 1 B) Only 2 D) None oC) Both 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  5. Ans- (c) Explanation- Y National Registry of Citizens .The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is the register containing names of Indian CITIZENS. NRC was prepared for first time in 1951 after conduct of the Census of 1951 .It comes Under the MHA RThe NRC will be now updated to include the names of those persons (or their descendants) who appear in the NRC, 1951, A(or) in any of the Electoral Rolls up to the midnight of 24th March, 1971 (or) in any one other admissible documents issued up to mid-night of 24th March, 1971, which would prove their presence in Assam or in any part of India on or before 24th March, 1971 0 Subhodeep Das

  6. A Qus- 3. "White Helmets " Sometime in news refers to what YA) It is a step safety of people and reduce plastic helmets B) It is initiative of Kerala govt to give subsidy on Motor bikes M C)It refers to the people working on construction site D) None of the above . 0 Subhodeep Das

  7. A Ans- A Ans- D) YExplanation .Syria's "White Helmet" civil defence group have fled advancing government forces and been spirited over the border into Jordan. OAbout White Helmets .The White Helmets is a volunteer organization that operates in parts of rebel-controlled Syria and in Turkey. RThey were officially known as Syrian Civil Defence (SCD). SCD was formed in 2014 during the Syrian Civil War. Their activity in Syria consists of urban search and rescue in response to bombing, medical evacuation, evacuation of civilians from danger areas, and essential service delivery. 0 Subhodeep Das

  8. A Qus-4. which country/es do/ does not share its border with Syria L. 1.Iraq .2. Lebanon c3. Jordan 4. Saudi Arab F.5. Turkey R6. Iran .Choose the correct option/s A) 1, 3, and 4 C) 4 and 6 B) 1, 2, 5 and 6 D) 1 and 4 0 Subhodeep Das

  9. Ans-(C) Explanation- 100 Y MILES TURKEY Aleppo Euphra Latakia Qardahah IRAQ Med. Sea Hama SYRIA Homs Beirut Damascus Sparsely inhabited Alawite Sunni Kurd ISRAEL IRAQ 2 0 ORDAN Subhodeep Das

  10. A Qus- 5. Consider the following statements regarding BIMSTEC Y1. It was formed in 1997. c3. Nepal is hosting It's meeting first time. F.Choose the correct option/s 2. It's headquarter in Kathmandu, Nepal . A) Only 2 A C) 1 and 2 B) 2 and 3 D) 1 and 3 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  11. A Qus-6. Which country/ies is/ are not part of BIMSTEC V1. Nepal c3. Srilanka . 2. Bangladesh Q4. Maldives F5. Thailand O6. Laos . 7. Vietnam sChoose the correct pair/s 2A) 2, 3,6 and 7 C) 4, 5, and B) 1, 3,5 and 7 D) 4, 6 and 7 Subhodeep Das