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Day 61 MCQ for Prelims 2019(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Neha Taneja
a year ago
Amino acids are organic
  1. Daily MCQ Series for Prelims 2019 72G 73 74 75 C 76 45 unacademy 78 Subhodeep Das

  2. A Qus Program "Sashakt" is related to what A) To empowering the women B) To boost the Indian Economy C) To resolve the Non Performing Assets D) None of the Above 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  3. AAns-(C) YExplanation The inter-creditor agreement is aimed at the resolution of loan accounts with a size of 50 crore and above that are under the control of a group of lenders. ..It is part of the "Sashakt" plan approved by the government to address the problem of resolving bad loans. ROver the last few years, Indian banks have been forced by the Reserve Bank of India to recognise troubled assets on their books, but their resolution has remained a challenge. According to banker Sunil Mehta, who headed a panel that recommended the plan, disagreement between joint lenders is the biggest problem in resolving stressed assets 0 Subhodeep Das

  4. A Qus Which of these parameter/s are considered as a Urban settlement according to Y1. The area with a minimum population of 5000. c3. Population density must be minimum 500 per sq. km. F.Choose the correct option/s Indian Government 2.75% of it's all population working in Non-agriculture activities. . A) 1 and 3 A C) 1 and 2 B) 1 Only D) All of the above 0 Subhodeep Das

  5. AAns-B) YExplanation The Central government considers a settlement as urban if it has a urban local government, a minimum population of 5,000; over 75% of its (male) population working in non-agricultural activities; and a population density of at least 400 per sq. km. .However, many States consider such "census towns" as rural, and establish governance through a rural local government or panchayat. . 0 Subhodeep Das

  6. A Qus consider the following statements regarding "FDI Confidence Index" Y1. It is published by World bank. . 2. India has slip down in 2018 compare to 2017. .Choose the correct option/s A) Only1 .C) Both B) Only 2 D) None 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  7. AAns-B) YExplanation cThe index is compiled by AT Kearney, an American Global Management F lt ranks top 10 destinations for FDI in terms of its attractiveness. Consulting Firm. India ranks 11th in 2018 index, down from 8th in 2017and 9th in 2016. Thus, India has fallen out of top 10 destination. 0 Subhodeep Das

  8. A Qus. Y1. Border Haats are managed by Ministry of home Affairs. 2. First meeting of border Haats was held in Agartala, Tripura .Which of the above option/s is/ are correct OA) Only 1 B) Only 2 D) None .C) Both 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  9. AAns-B) YExplanation- First meeting of India-Bangladesh Joint Committee on Border Haats was recently held in Agartala, Tripura. FAim: The border haats aim at promoting the wellbeing of the people dwelling in remote areas across the borders of two countries, by establishing traditional system of marketing the local produce through local markets. ..The border haats are managed by Haat Management Committees (HMCs) 0 Subhodeep Das

  10. A Qus- Consider the following statements regarding "Seva Bhoj Yojana" Y1. It is central sector scheme under FSSAI 2. It's aims to provide free food to all the religious institution of India .Choose the correct option/s OA) Only 1 B) Only 2 D) None .C) Both 0 Subhodeep Das

  11. A Qus- Consider the following statements regarding "National Cultural Fund" 1. It provides the fund for development of Historic Monuments under Corporate social Responsibility. . 2. It is managed and administered by Culture Minister. .Choose the correct option/s A) Only1 . )Both B) Only 2 D) None 0 Subhodeep Das