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Day 66 MCQ for Prelims 2019(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
mam tell me which is the best book for social science and english grammar I am going to class 9 this year
Saumya Yadav
21 days ago
best book of eng. grammer is R. K. De Sarkar
  1. A Qus-1. Consider the following statements .1. Eritrea shares border with Red sea 2. Ethiopia shares its border with Red Sea. c3. Sudan is land lock country. FChoose the correct statements A) Only 1 .C) 2 and 3 B) 1 and 2 D) All of the above 2 0 Subhodeep Das


  3. Daily MCQ Series for Prelims 2019 72G 73 74 75 C 76 45 unacademy 78 Subhodeep Das

  4. Qus-2. Which statements is not correct under DNA Technology use and Regulation Bill 2018. A A) It allows special data banks for forensic and criminal investigations. B) It will used for all purposes and records. cC) It creates DNA Profiling Board. .D) It makes accreditation and regulation mandatory for DNA laboratories. 0 Subhodeep Das

  5. AAns- (B) YExplanation- cIt allows law enforcement agencies to collect DNA samples, create "DNA profiles" and special databanks for forensic-criminal investigations. Flt states that all DNA data, including DNA samples, DNA profiles and records, will be only used for identification of the person and not for any other purpose. It creates DNA Profiling Board (DPB)that will be final authority that will authorise creation of State-level DNA databanks, approve the methods of collection and analysis of DNA-technologies. It makes accreditation and regulation mandatory for DNA laboratories. 0 Subhodeep Das

  6. Qus-3. Consider the following statements regarding DNA Data Bank 1. A national level bank will be setup for DNA profiles 2. There will be a regional Data banks in every state. c3. Regional data bank will share their information with national Data banks FChoose the correct option A) 1 and 2 B) 2 and 3 C) All of the Above D) 1 and 3 0 Subhodeep Das

  7. Ans-(C) YExplanation- cA national databank of DNA profiles is proposed to be set up, along with regional edatabanks in every state FThe new draft does not specify the location of the national databank All regional DNA databanks will be mandated to share their information with the national databank .Certain DNA Profiling Board-accredited labs would be authorised to carry out DNA testing and analysis These are the only places to which DNA samples, picked up from a crime scene can be referred for analysis 0 Subhodeep Das

  8. A Qus-4. Consider the following statements regarding LEAP 1. It is first remotely operable microscope. 2. It is used to precise Quantum to quantum view of materials. . . c3. It is launched by IIT- Mumbai Choose the correct statement/s A) 1 and 2 AC) 2 and 3 B) 2 Only D) 1 Only 0 Subhodeep Das

  9. A Ans-(D) YExplanation- Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Madras commissioned remotely operable .It is claimed to be world's first remotely operable LEAP microscope, as it can be LEAP is high-performance microscope that can provide a precise atom-by-atom It provides atomic-scale insights into metallic, which will influence wide spectrunm Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) microscope. remotely operated through special terminal by researchers divided geographically. view of materials. of industries ranging from steel to automobiles and energy to transportation sector 2The remotely operable LEAP microscope has been developed in a collaborative exercise involving eight top research institutions in country, spearheadedby IIT-M. 0 Subhodeep Das

  10. A Qus-5. What is "RAWL-03" sometimes in news YA) It is Long range ballistic missile B) It is Surface to surface air missile cC) It is long range air surveillance radar D) None of the above 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  11. A Qus-6. Consider the following statements regarding N-E project 1. It is a joint venture of Five central oil PSUs 2. It will be implemented under Urja Ganga project. 3. ONGC will give the maximum share of this project. FChoose the correct option A) 1 and 3 AC) 2 and 3 B) 1 and 2 D) All of the Above 0 Subhodeep Das

  12. A Qus-7. Which of these medal/s are recently announced By Ministry of Home Affairs Y1. Antarik Suraksha Medal c3. Asadharan Aashuchan Padak 2. Bahri Suraksha Medal 4. Utkrisht & Ati -Utkrisht Seva Medal. Choose the correct pair A) 1, 2 and 3 A C) 1, 3 and 4 B) 2,3 and 4 D) All of the Above 2 0 Subhodeep Das

  13. AAns- (B) Explanation- Y DHRA PRADESH Belgaum Plateau ateau Vijay nagar Plateau ar KARNATAK tatea Scale 50 mi Bengafuru Kol (Bangalore)Pha Goorg ateau 2 ARABIAN SEA 0 TAMIL NADU RALA Subhodeep Das

  14. Geography NCERT Geography NCERT The Earth: Our Habitat MAINS ANSWER WRITING Our Environment Class-7 Class 6 For IAS / UPSC A detalled Analysis By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das C (Hindi) NCERT Geography -Class 7 (Hindi) NCERT Geography -Class 6 (Hindi) GS Answer Writing Practice for UPSC and IAS... Specturm Book World Straits Chapter 2 ona HUMAN GEOGRAPHY MODERN INDIA Tareeted Students: UPSC/IAS State PCS Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography UPSC /IAS State Gov Ex By Subhodeep Das By Subhodeep Das (Hindi) Major Straits of World By Subhodeep Das Religious & Social Reform Movements Modern Indian History... (Hindi) Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography UBHODEEP