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In this course Vani Mehra explains the importance and need for the Editorial Analysis for Aspirants.

Vani Mehra is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vani Mehra
Educator/Youtuber Cleared UPSC Prelims and Mains Offline/Online Tutor for UPSC CSE Exams 4Years teaching experience

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Ma’am we can’t find any other educator coming up with only editorial analysis. It would be of immense help if you continue with this course in particular.
mam please continue this course
  1. Daily Editorial Analysis Bu: Vani Mehra

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  4. Editorial Page (Usually Page 10): This is the most important page of 'The Hindu' newspaper from UPSC Exam perspective.

  5. any newspaper, editorial page reflects the most important topics which are in news. It has an in depth ysis of relevant topics se are required not only for the Mains Exam but also for the Preliminary as it consists of facts as l as analysis question paper setters are known to pick topics from editorials, specially for mains. If you ch any question asked from current affairs in recent years, you will find a Newspaper orial for it. . r kind of topics that Newspapers like The Hindu and Indian Express covers, no one else does ially articles related to grassroot issues which other newspaper ignore. only the question paper setter, but even those who take interviews read them it seems ewspaper is synonymous to Hindu and Indian Express when it comes to Civil servants and aspirants.

  6. Cautionary Note: Some articles of Newspapers have a leftist bias. Good thing is that we are not supposed to read political articles from it. This is where most new aspirants who do not follow the ideology of left makes a mistake. They get emotional and stop reading it, which will be detrimental Although, for cracking this exam, you will have to be sympathetic to grassroot issues and pro poor policies, which doesn't necessarily makes one a left wing apologist.

  7. In Essay also the type of questions which are asked require good amount of data and reports which can be cited through these Editorial Analysis to develop a broader perspective. Covering topics and subtopics of GS I, II, III, IV Trend of Previous Year Questions Types of Questions which can be solved?

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