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The lesson is an overview of class X polity NCERT. Charu will discuss the structure of the course

Charu Modi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Charu Modi
Having completed Masters in Law with gold medal from Lucknow University, qualified NET in July 2018 and has taught at Ambition Law Institute

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Mam, that was really awesome. Thanks for the insightful knowledge. M'am, how about mentioning source? As in if im incorporating any facts or figure from some govt publication[Yojna, pib etc] or from EPW and all, so will it be good to mention source of it? Offcourse we cant mug up everything, but if some important findings we got and want to quote that in ur essay, so pls tell the way to go bout that..
I'm begginer so I am not using NCERT books I'm just watching ur videos it sufficient for ncert preparation??
couldn't find the class 11 ncert..please make classes on class 11 ncert polity...thank you
please use Mike to avoid voice problem
one of the best ncert analysis on unacademy platform, rest all of them just read the ppt, your ExpIanation is main, you must deserve appreciation and last suggestion don't give intro like other do in their video, just course overview, that you guys blindly follow roman saini, you hardly know that romain saini copy that part from famous bucky robert programmer on youtube, its irritating.
no so good explanation ....i can xplan bettervthan u ....n why u leave chap 1 always ....

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  3. OVERVIEW Federalism: features and practice Various social divisions in society Secularism and its features Pressure group and interest group Political parties