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Analysing Democracy
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There is description of challenges to political party and Reformation. The lesson discusses the benefits of democracy and the methods to accommodate social diversity.

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Charu Modi
Having completed Masters in Law with gold medal from Lucknow University, qualified NET in July 2018 and has taught at Ambition Law Institute

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what's the use of NOTA if still those party wins the election on the basis of FPTP
please make a separate video on marxism-leninism
apki aawaj bht hi dheemi aati h
hey content is too gud but AUDIO is too low I need to use headphones..
Ma'am, what happens when majorities of voters go with NOTA?

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  3. CHALLENGES TO POLITICAL PARTIES lack of internal democracy within parties. . Dynastic succession. * growing role of money and muscle power in growing role of money and muscle power in parties offer a meaningful choice to the voters.

  4. REFORMATION OF POLITICAL PARTIES ' Defection: Changing party allegiance from the party on which a person got elected (to a legislative body) to a different party A law should be made to regulate the internal affairs of political parties. quota for women state funding of elections.

  5. BENEFITS OF DEMOCRACY Promotes equality among citizens; Enhances the dignity of the individual Improves the quality of decision making; Provides a method to resolve conflicts; . Allows room to correct mistakes; Transparent; Government accountable;

  6. regular, free and fair elections; Open public debate on major policies legislations; * citizens right to information citizens' right to information

  7. ACCOMODATING SOCIAL DIVERSITYY majority always needs to work with the minority majority does not become rule by majority community in terms of religion or race or linguistic group, etc * ma1oritv