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Course Overview - Daily Maths MCQ (in Malayalam)
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This Course is designed to achieve 20/20 in maths and reasoning sections of University Assistant 2019 Exam. Daily Maths Questions will be solved in this course Previous Year Questions of various Kerala Psc Exams are also included. You can also request any questions if you want them to be solved in this course.

Ismaiel Kalady is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ismaiel Kalady
I teach Maths & Reasoning for Kerala PSC Cracked RRB ALP, Group D, IBPS,SSC CGL/MTS Exams Telegram/Youtube - Issu Math Academy

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sir daily thanne venam ketto baakiyullavar ellam correct aayit follow up tharum sir um tharunnund ennalum kurachudi previous question cheyyanam exam vekanam Oro dhivasam cover cheyyenda topic tharanam athinoru exam vekanam kurachudi Oru energetic class aanel follow cheyyanoru thalparyam varum maximum maths sir ne follow cheythal kittum ennu follow cheyyunna njangalk Oru confident kittunna pole sir nod request cheytha kurachu add ups maathramanu sir nu ishtamundel ithonnu pariganikanam
sir ithu daily continue cheyane.. idak nirthalle..exam vare venam.previous qn paper discussion um exm um ellamayi namukk ellarkum koodi exm vare Ang pokam.pls edak nirthalle...
Thank you sir enganethe course create cheythathil...previous question full cover cheyth tharumennu viswasikunnu..
thank you sir..njan sirite classinu vendi kathirikkukayayirunnu
thank u very much sir....I am waiting for that

  2. About Me Verified Educator in Unacademy . 7.4 K Followers, 2.60 Lakh+ Views, 25 Courses & 190 lessons Completed M.Tech in Embedded Systems B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Experience of 4 years in teaching field PSC Maths/Reasoning Tutor Online Tutor in various Social Platforms unacademy Ismaiel Kalady

  3. Target Audience Aspirants of Kerala PSC/RRB/SSC or any competitive Exams .Questions will be in English .Descriptions will be in Malayalam Main Target : University Assistant Ismaiel Kalady

  4. Course Overview Daily 3 to 5 questions Different Levels of Difficulty Advanced Techniques to solve Quickly Previous year PSC Questions Request your Questions Ismaiel Kalady

  5. Quantitative Aptitude - Syllabus Numbers-Test of Divisibility- H.C.F& L.C.M Simplification - Ratio & Proportions- Percentage- Interest-Time& Work- Time& Distance- Area Volume- Calendar - Clocks -Trains - Problems on Age Etc. Ismaiel Kalady

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  9. How to Follow? Try to solve Questions with me While checking the 2nd time, do it yourself Solve similar example problems using the techniques learned Request Questions only after you have tried solving it. Ismaiel Kalady

  10. Like, Save & Review this Course 227.6k views 4.9 v Dedicate your hats t 12 Share to your friends Ismaiel KaladyO #3 Educator in Kerala PSC I teach Quantitative aptitude/Maths/Reasoning for Kerala PSC. My Youtube Channel is Issu Math Academy, working in teaching field for 4 yrs THANK You 24 5.6k 0 Followers Following Courses Follow Ismaiel Kalady