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Concepts of PI, UP, PDI, National Disposable Income and Private Income
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This lesson discusses the basic aggregates like PI, UP, NDP, national disposable income and private income.

Arpita Prakash
NCERTs series initiator at Unacademy 'Educator of the Month' for Feb'19 CBSE 0.1% Merit Certificate holder in Mathematics

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thank you so much sir
madam thoda hindi bhi kbhi kbhi use krlo hmare jaise hindi medium waalo k liye 😓
I didn't find the term of National debt interest in Private income from any other resource. And if at all, it is, then why + National debt interest? Shouldn't it be -? Do please correct me if I am going wrong anywhere.
do we have to learn this formulaesss....? omg its out of my mind evrytime..
  1. Personal Income (PI)- Part of NI received by households Undistributed Profits (UP)- Part of profit not distributed among factors of production, out of NI which is earned by firms and government enterprises Pl- NI-UP-Net interest payments made by households- Corporate tax Transfer payments to households from government and firms PDI (Personal Disposable Income)- PI-Personal tax payments- Non tax payments o Part of aggregate income belonging to households Other aggregate income categories used in National Income Accounting o National Disposable Income- NNP at market priceOther current transfers from rest of the world (gifts, aids etc) - Gives an idea about what is maximum amount of goods and services at disposal of domestic economy o Private Income Factor income from net domestic product accruing to private sector National debt interest Net factor income from abroad Current transfers from government+ other net transfers from rest of the world