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Circular flow of income
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This lesson helps to understand about circular flow of income with the image.

Arpita Prakash
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  1. Simplified Economy: o One way in which households may dispose off earnings ->by spending entire income on goods and No saving, no government ( no taxes ), no external trade (no buying of imported goods) . Aggregate consumption by households aggregate expenditure on goods and services services produced by domestic firms - Remunerations used by factors of production to buy produced goods and services produced by firms Entire income comes back to producers in form of sales revenue No leakage from the system (factors payments made by firms sales revenue from consumption expenditure) Aggregate income of the economy goes through two sectors- firms and households; in a circular way

  2. Spending Goods and Services Firms Households actor Payments Factor Services Fig. 2.1: Circular Flow of Income in a Simple Economy