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Chapter 3- Types of Open Market Operations- Outright, Repo, Reverse Repo and also on Bank Rate
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This lesson deals with the details on Outright OMOs, Repo and Reverse Repo and Bank rate.

Arpita Prakash
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  1. RBI buys securities( injecting money into system) without any promise to sell them later . RBI sells securities( withdrawing money from system) without any promise to buy them later e Repo- Repurchase Agreement-Central bank buys security-specification about date and price of resale of security Repo rate- Interest rate at which money is lent in this way . Reverse Repurchase agreement or Reverse Repo- Central bank sell securities through an agreement having specification about date and price at which it will be repurchased Reverse Repo rate- rate at which money is withdrawn in this manner . RBI conducts repo and reverse repo operations at various maturities- overnight, 7 day, 14 day etc . They are main tool of monetary policy of RBI . Bank Rate- rate at which RBI gives loans to commercial banks . By changing it, RBl influences money supply Increase in bank rate-> expensive loans taken by commercial banks-> reduction in reserves held by commercial nk -> decreases money supply . Fall in bank rate -> increase in money supply ba