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Check your Progress : Part-8 (in Hindi)
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Saumya Mehra
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7/10 I am learning new things daily. I am noting down new things in a book.I suppose this will help for quick revision. I advise other aspirants to do this.
  1. Check your Progress

  2. MCQ- 36 An effective teacher in a classroom, where students from diverse background would a) b) focus on their cultural knowledge to address individual differences push students from deprived background to work hard so that they can match up with their peers ignore cultural knowledge and treat all his students in a uniform manner c) d) create groups of students with those from the same economic background put together

  3. MCQ- 37 To modify undesirable behavior of the student, the most effective method is a. to avoid it b. to inform it to the parents c. to punish the students d. to find out the causes of undesirable behavior and suggest remedies

  4. MCQ- 38 Inclusive education signifies a) b) c) d) same teaching methodology for all children same schools for normal students and differently abled students separate schools for normal students and differently abled students same facility for normal students and differently abled students

  5. MCQ- 39 Even children of the same age vary greatly in appearance , abilities, temperament, interests, aptitude amongst other things. What is the role of the schools in this regard? a) b) c) d) lay down normative standards of assessment for children ensure that the teacher uses standardized instruction and textbooks ensure that all children develop in the same manner ensure that each child gets opportunities to develop as per her potential

  6. MCQ- 40 CWSN stands for a. Children with Single Need b. Children with Special Needs c. Children with Strong Needs d. Creature with Soft Need