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Calendar Problems Part 1 (in Malayalam)
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Part 1 contains the basic concepts used in calendar problems i.e leap years and odd days. Finding odd days in different cases has been explained in detail. This includes the building blocks of calendar porblems, without clearing these sessions, you cant go ahead

Ismaiel Kalady is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ismaiel Kalady
I teach Maths & Reasoning for Kerala PSC Cracked RRB ALP, Group D, IBPS,SSC Exams Youtube - IMA Math Tricks Telegram - Issu Math Academy

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sir, beat officer 2018 question paper. 46/ brother is 562 days elder to me and my sister is 75 weeks elder to him..sister born on Tuesday then I was born on? pls help
Shabeeb C
5 months ago
562/7 remainder 2 add 2 to tuesday
Divia Tushar
5 months ago
thank you
very good class.thank you sir
sir Inn nadanna high court assistant exam nta maths problem solve cheythu tharumo
Thanks for your classes. i had answered all question successfully in todays RRB Group D Examination.

  2. Course Contents Basic Concepts of Calendar Based problems Leap years & Odd days Do not by heart any equations Different Types of Calendar Problems Previous year PSC Questions included

  3. Leap and Ordinary year Ordinary year has 365 days (February 28 days) Leap year has 366 days (February 29 days) Every year which is exactly divisible by 4 is called a leap year. For a century to be a leap year, it should be exactly divisible by 400

  4. Check Leap year or Ordinary Year 2016, 1992, 2012, 1996 ,etc.. are leap years Divisibility of 4 - check last 2 digits 2011, 2013, 1991, 1995 ,etc. are ordinary years 1200, 1600, 2000 are leap years Divisible with 400 .2100, 1700, 1300 are ordinary years

  5. Odd Days An ordinary year has 365 days. If we divide 365 by 7, we get, 52 as quotient and 1 as remainder, This remainder left out is called odd day Therefore, an ordinary year has 1 odd day . A leap year has 366 days, i.e. 52 weeks and 2 days. Therefore, a leap year has 2 odd days.

  6. Find odd days from numbers Odd days Remainder left after dividing with 7) Number of Days 10 15 28 0 30 31

  7. Odd days in each month DecNov Mar Apr Oct MaySep eb un Ja Aug ul 31 2a29 28/2 3 3031 Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 3 0/1 32 3 2 3 3 2 3 23

  8. Odd days between Years Difference b/w years+ no. of leap years 2001 to 2018 17 + Leap years (04,08,12,16) 17+4-21 odd days

  9. Odd days between Years Difference b/w years+ no. of leap years 2001 to 2018 17 + Leap years (04,08,12,16) 1991 to 1999 8 + Leap Years (92, 96) 17+4-21 odd days 8+2 10 odd days

  10. Thank You