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Brahmo Samaj
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This lesson discusses the Brahmo Samaj, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Debendranath Tagore and Keshub Chandra Sen.

Nandini Maharaj
MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons.) History from LSR, reader, dancer, love to teach, AIR 42 in 2018 UPSC

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8 on 10 today.................
after the split i think Sen and his followers started the Brahmo Samaj of India and Tagore started Adi Brahmo Samaj
sound is very low.cant hear
volume is not stable throughout the video. it's very less.Kindly check madam.
no volume..i cant here even through headfon..please speak loudly..all your videos hav this problm
adi brahmo samaj is by keshub Chandra sen but not just brahmo samaj

  2. ABOUT ME BA (Hons.) in History from Lady Shri Ram MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University Love to teach, read and dance

  3. RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY 1772-1883 A gifted linguist, reformer, journalist, educationist Campaigned against sati Founded the Brahmo Samaj Believed in Modern scientific approach Human dignity Social equality Monotheism

  4. RAJA RAM MOHAN ROY Believed that the Vedanta was based on reason Condemned the oppressive practices of the zamindars Demanded judicial equality between Indians and Europeans, demanded trail by jury Helped David Hare set up Hindu college 1825- set up Vedanta College Obtained title Raja from Akbar ll . . .

  5. BRAHMO SAMAJ Set up by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1828 Opposed by orthodox elements like Raja Radhakant Deb's Dharma Sabha Suffered set back in 1833 due to Ram Mohan's death

  6. BELEIFS AND PRACTICES . Prayers, meditations . Based on the Vedas and Upanishads . Against idol worship and rituals Monotheistic Attempted to incorporate teachings of other religions Emphasis on human dignity Criticism of social evils No scripture over human reason ' No stance on karma, transmigration or reincarnation Criticized the caste system

  7. DEBENDRANATH TAGORE .1817-1905 1839: Started Tattavabodhini Sabha . To promote Vedanta based rational, humanistic form of religion Tattavabodhini: truth-seekers Journal: Tattvabodhini Patrika Merged into the Brahmo Samaj in 1843 to form the Brahmo Samaj .

  8. KESHUB CHANDRA SEN Made 'acharya' by Debendranath Tagore Popularized the movement, opened branches in Punjab, Bombay, Madras etc Ideas too radical Caused a split . . . Sen and followers: Brahmo Samaj Tagore and followers: Adi Brahmo Samaj

  9. KESHUB CHANDRA SEN Got 13 year old daughter inexplicably married, with all rituals Followers disenchanted, started the Sadharan Brahmo Samaj in 1878 1863: Keshub founded Prarthana Samaj which focused on . . Education (especially women's) Non-confrontation with the Hindu orthodoxy Disapproval of caste system Widow remarriage Raising age of marriage