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Basic of Communication - Principles of effective teaching (NTA UGC NET)
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This lesson will cover principle of effective communication.(NTA UGC NET)

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Rashmi Vishwakarma
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  2. PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Listen intelligently +communication is a two way process. Listening and s eakin9 of the two opposite process. + When sender speak, she must speak in way such that receiver can understand. Suppose receiver listening the messa9e intelligently but sender s eak the message ambiguously. In this case, the communication is totally an unsuccessful

  3. PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Selection of proper media +This impact could be favourable or unfavourable de endin9 on the suitability of the medium in a particular circumstance. +For optimum results, therefore, it is imperative that the encoded message is delivered through the most suitable medium in order that the message uld elicit the right response.

  4. PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Appropriate timing of the communication + It is important to decide when to send a particular message. Depending on the nature of the message a articular time may not be suitable. + For example the discussion for any important topic should take place when mind of both arties is in stable state.

  5. PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Obtainingfeedback +Obtaining feedback will ensure that the communication has been effective. Feedback is necessary to understand what likely impression could have been created by language and expressions used, suitability of the timing of delivery, nature of tone and appropriateness of the a nner of delivery .

  6. PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Standards +The quality of response obtained from the communication process is as good as the standard set for all as ects of the process. +High standards in choice of media, methods used both in relation to language and presentation are likely to deliver results, in so far as they are suitable for the pur se and objective of the messa9e bein9 communicated

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