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Basic of Communication- Barriers of Communication (NTA UGC NET).
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This lesson will cover barriers of communication.(NTA UGC NET)

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Rashmi Vishwakarma
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sehat selalu bang, biar bisa terus nularin mindset positif ke dek adek 😉

  2. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Barriers in the communication may affect the understanding of the message by receiver or even distort the messages. Barriers may arise at any sta9e of communication rocess. +1. At sender's level + 2. At the encoding level +3. At the transmission level At the receiver's level 5. At thefeedback level

  3. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +The main communication barriers are as follows +Unclear objective + If the sender of the message is not clear about the objective of the message then this situation occurs +And dignity and the lack of clarity in the message creates communication breakdown because the receiver have two unlikely to respond as exp by the sender. ected

  4. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Wrong timing Timing of the communication is also crucial for the success of communication process +For example, it is better to discuss the research rocess whenever your mind is stable. Communicatio when there is a full concentration and thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the process. n process must be chosen at a time

  5. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Choice of wrong medium +Communication breakdown may happen in the complication process if the choice of medium is not suitable. + For example, if you want to send some important message to your friend through mobile voice communication, but the place around you is owded than it is better to send your message ooh text in olo th

  6. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Using bad words ihinchoide wof words has areat impact in the communicatio process. Suppose, the sender of the message choose the words which are too technical or too difficult for the receiver to understand. In this situation, the receiver cannot decode the message easily +Words that appeartoo easy or too simple may also constitute a problem. +Sender to be able to assess the receiver in order to be able to choose the most suitable words for the message. This way, the sender ensures that the message would achieve its goals.

  7. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Meaning of words +Whereas the sender may choose words with a certain and clear meaning in mind, the words in actual fact may connote some other meaning as far as the receiver is c sender and the receiver are at cross urpose as they both have different meanings of the message. + Connotative meaning can also arise as a result of one's experiences, opinions, emotional status and oncerned. When this happens, th

  8. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION +Environmental factor + The environment within which,negation takes place also have great impact on the effectiveness of communication. +For example, a tele hone call from a crowded place or work from busy roadways is not clearly audible.

  9. BARRIERS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION + Capability of the receiver + Physical disabilities of recipient will have an obvious effect on the extent to which the recipient reciates the intended meaning of a message. +Hearing difficulties, for instance, are obvious situations that will constitute a barrier.

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