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Angle Bisectors (Part II)
to the last videos homework that you solved, we should get only one line as answer right? because,I understand that there are two angle bisectors to the two given lines, but one angular bisector would be bisecting the 60 degree angle between them and the other will be bisecting the 120 degree angle between them. but as the question says we need an equilateral triangle, the line bisecting the 60 degree angle would be redundant to us. because it will make 30 degree angle with both the lines which will not give us equilateral triangle. but if we take the line bisecting the 120 degree angle, we would get a line which is at 60 degree angle with both the lines and that would definitely form an equilateral triangle. so basically there should be only one answer to the previous videos homework question, right?
Ayush Shivam
2 months ago
no actually these lines will form 2 different isosceles a half square cutting from middle