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Angle Bisectors (Part II)
To everyone asking how the angle bisectors became the third side of the triangle, the answer to your question is - No, the angle bisectors are not becoming the sides of the triangle, we are just using its slope.This is only applicable when the unknown third side is subtending equal angles (isosceles triangle). For these particular questions, use basic geometry (vertically opposite angles and alternate angles) and you will know why the slope of angle bisector would be the same of the third(unknown) side. Hope it helps.
Nishant Sarma
8 months ago
can't we just simply use the slope of the bisector to get the slope the side and the point is given and hence its equation which will the same two equations..
Hiba k
7 months ago
wouldn't they incline at 90 degrees, as teh angle bisector would be perpendicular to the third line?