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9th September 2017 - Daily Vocabulary Analysis from The Hindu (Hindi)
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  3. Extradite[v]- hand over a acquitted person to the jurisdiction of concerned country Synonym- repatriate Antonym- set free Several countries are requesting for the extradition for Julian Assanage IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  4. Depravity[n]- moral corruption Synonym- immorality Antonym- morality Corruption Depravity among govt officers reduces the competency of our system IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  5. regular basis reduce (especially a sentence of death) to another less severe one Synonym- attenuate Antonym- increase President can commute or repeal a punishment imposed by court IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  6. Heinous[adj]- disgraceful act Synonym- odious Antonym- admirable Suicide is a heinous act IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  7. Commensurate[adj]- corresponding in shape or size Synonym- proportionate Antonym- disproportionate Distance Speed * Time - Our salary commensurate according to inflation IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  8. Rickety[adj]- poorly made structure Synonym- ramshackle Antonym- stable Homeless people are bound to live in rickety houses IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  9. Reprisal[n]- revenge Synonym- retaliation Antonym- pardon ENEMY HATRED REVENGE ANGER PAIN REGRETS BITTERNESS CONFLICT Reprisal was not the only choice for you IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  10. Predicament[n|- difficult situation Synonym- posture Antonym- ease Everyone has to face predicament from time to time in any form IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE