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8th September 2017 - Daily Vocabulary Analysis from The Hindu (Hindi)
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i like it videos mam mujhe aapke sare videos chahiye study se related plz plz plz mam reply fast.....

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  3. Tandem[n]- group, a bicycle with seats and pedals for two rider Synonym- team Antonym- individual Tandem is used for carrying more than one people in place of cycle IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  4. Culpability[n]- responsibility for a fault Synonym- blame Antonym- innocence P, R, E, S, S, E, D. 0 M. Who holds culpability for the murders of journalists IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  5. Inimical[adj]- tending to harm Synonym- detrimental Antonym- helpful dll J941 Jihadis are just an inimical terrorist group IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  6. Idiosyncratic[adj]- peculiar behaviour Synonym- eccentrioc Antonym- ordinary Joker in a circus have a idiosyncratic behaviour IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  7. Detractor[n]- a person who criticises Synonym- critic Antonym- appreciator DEMOCRAC Opposition acts as a detractors in democracy IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  8. Deracinate[v]- to uproot someone Synonym- eliminate Antonym- keep Vandavasi Battle of Wandiwash deracinated French from India IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  9. Bovine[n]- animal of the cattle group Synonym- stupid Antonym- shrewd Animals of cattle group like ox, bull, cow, etc are grouped as bovines IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE

  10. Snarls[n]- say something in anger Synonym- growl Antonym- calm Dog snarled at the sight of theif IMAGE SOURCE: GOOGLE