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6th June 2019 - Questions for today
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Venkatesh Chaturvedi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Venkatesh Chaturvedi
Educator on Unacademy since 3 years. Have written UPSC CSE mains twice ( 140 Essay, 100+ in GS papers). B.Tech. from IIT Patna.

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but jains are included in minorities recently
Introduction- Jainism (Jain Dharma) and Buddhism both are an ancient Indian religion. Jainism introduced by first Tirthankara Mahavir Rishabhanatha and Buddhism religion was introduced by Gautama Buddha. Reasons for rising Jainism & Buddhism Religion 1.The primary reason for raising Jainism and Buddhism religion in India is a religious disturbance in the 6th Century. 2.Complex rituals and sacrifices were not acceptable in the Vedic period for common people. 3.Sacrifices ceremonies found more expensive and confused for the common man 4. Upanishad and other alternatives to ritual & mantras were more complex in nature, people of Vedic period searching something simple 5.This need fulfilled by Gautama Buddha & Mahavir by introducing new religious ideas. 6.Social and economic factor led to an improvement in the condition of vaisya casts, Mahavir and Buddhism provide an honourable place for them while the orthodox Varna system did not allow this. 7.Rigid caste system generated tension in Indian society, the higher class enjoyed privileges while lower cast denied for most of the things Impacts- Jainism & Buddhism give attention to moral values that help to make a human character, gives some code of conducts of discipline, promotes education through famous institutions like Nalanda, Takshila.
Good Answer, but Impact part in not addressed.
Somya Goswami
5 months ago
should I write more in impact.. conclusion is missing
idhar udhar Kam bat kre
apna dimag na lagye
direct answer btawe