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10th June 2019 - Questions for today
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Venkatesh Chaturvedi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Venkatesh Chaturvedi
Educator on Unacademy since 3 years. Have written UPSC CSE mains twice ( 140 Essay, 100+ in GS papers). B.Tech. from IIT Patna.

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- Indian Monsoon is nothing but seasonal reversal of winds which happen due to factors like low pressure developed over Indian sub-continent, upward movement of jet streams, northward shift of ITCZ, etc. - evidences show the change in monsoon pattern in last decade due to 1. Frequent occurrence of El-Nino and La- nina which affect the monsoon pattern. 2. due to climate change frequent change in date of arrival of monsoon. for example, Kerala receives monsoon on 1st June but it is delayed by week this year. 3. Below average rainfall and intensification of drought like conditions over central Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh regions. - Impact of monsoon on facets of life- 1. Economic impact- As most of our agriculture in monsoon dependent and over 50% of population is still related to agriculture and agri. related business, change in pattern can adversly impact our economy. 2. Inter-state relations- southern states face conflicts over water sharing and with change in pattern these conflicts gets intensified. for example Karnataka, Tamil Nadu over kaveri water. similarly, Maharashtra, andhra and Telangana over Krishna water. 3.Impact on Environment- as we host 4 biodiversity hotspots, change in pattern will increase their number as it will impact both fauna and flaura and ecosystem associated with it. - Way forward- the recent use of supercomputer by IMD to forecast monsoon is significant step to mitigate impact of monsoon in India.
Sir, please continue this course. Pls don't stop. Upload questions.
Yes I will just do it
Swathi Sri
5 months ago
ok sir. Thank you
please ask questions from editorials from the Hindu newspaper also. my kind request!!!!
Sir.. EPW magazine is helpful for Gs-2 and GS-3, or not please suggest me..!