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30th June 2019 - Questions for today
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Venkatesh Chaturvedi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Venkatesh Chaturvedi
Educator on Unacademy since 3 years. Have written UPSC CSE mains twice ( 140 Essay, 100+ in GS papers). B.Tech. from IIT Patna.

Unacademy user
Thank you very much for the summary sir.. My personal opinion is: 1) Jallikattu is not for making money sir, farmers or those who tame animals for jallikattu wont be materially benefitted by it. 2) After the initial ban on 2008 , jallikattu is taking place in a much organised manner, Proper medical fitness and alcohol tests have been conducted for both bulls and players. Notably there is not even a single death incident after 2008. I thought of sharing this, as I live in a place where Jallikattu occurs 100mts away from my home for the past hundreds of years.
That's the utility of this platform. Your views are enriching.
Roobitha Masanam
3 years ago
Thank you sir.. Thank you for your education sir.. Being in a remote village, this platform gives people like me absolutely free high quality education and also to share our views.. Than you Unacademy..
3 years ago
Sir, according to me it should not be ban because this is a festival for the peoples of Tamil nadu.. They are enjoying it from many years.. This is an old method of entertaining people
Vipul Gupta
3 years ago
hey Roobitha Masanam , kindly don't think that i am against jallikattu .. but yesterday i heard that 2 people died because of this . Just informed u :-)
Roobitha Masanam
3 years ago
Yes Vipul.. I too heard the news and it is very sad.. People were not ready to conduct the game. It was conducted in a hurry by the govt without any protective measures. Now it has mandated certain rules and regulations and proper protective measures. I wish in future it will not repeat and we will celebrate it without any loss of lives :)