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4 - Impact of the Revolt - Who Said what About this Mutinity (in Tamil)
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Impact of the Revolt, Who said what about this Mutinity ? V D Sarvarkar, R C Mazumadar, Charles Raikes, Sir J. W. Kaye, T R Holmes, Karl Mark, Hutchinson, J L Nehru, S N Sen, Notes in English Lecture in Tamil CRASH TNPSC

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in 15 question, why do we divided distance 200km from relative speed?

  2. Group I India since independence Group-II India since independence Group- IV V.A.O India since independence

  3. Who said What about this MUTINY? Impact of the REVOLT

  4. Who said What about this MUTINY? V D Savarkar: Indian war of Independence. V D Savarkar

  5. R C Mazumadar R C Mazumadar: Neither first, nor national not war of independence.

  6. Charles Raikes Charles Raikes: Merely a mutiny of the soldiers, which took the shape of revolt of the people in certain areas.

  7. Sir J.W. Kaye Sir J.W. Kaye: A battle of Blacks against the Whites

  8. T R Holmes: A conflict between civilization and barbarisnm

  9. Karl Marx Karl Marx: Struggle of soldiers, peasants and democratic combine against the foreign and feudal bondage.

  10. Hutchinson Hutchinson: It began as a mutiny and became a popular rebellion.

  11. S N Sen: began with a fight for religion, ended with a war for independence. After the Mutiny of 1857, Peace was restored in a period of more than one year and the most important outcome was that the Government of India passed from the Company to the Crown

  12. THE ACCESSION OF THE QUEEN OF INDIA. The control of India administration was passed on to the British crown by the Govt. of India Act, 1858.

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