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3 - Suppression - Causes of Failure - Fate of Leaders - Those Who Helped British (in Tamil)
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Suppression, Causes of Failure, Fate of Leaders, Those who helped British.. Notes in English, Lectures in Tamil, CRASH TNPSC முயற்சித்தால் வெற்றி வசப்படும்

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  2. Group I India since independence Group-II India since independence Group- IV V.A.O India since independence


  4. SUPPRESSION Delhi By John Nicholson and Hudson. John Nicholson Hudson

  5. Campbell Havelock Kanpur By Campbell, Havelock.

  6. Campbell Havelock Outram James Neil By Havelock, Outram, James Neil and Lucknow Campbell

  7. Hugh Rose Jhansi: Hugh Rose

  8. James Neil Banaras James Neill

  9. 1858 The revolt was completely suppressed by the end of 1858.

  10. FATE OF THE LEADERS . Bahadur Shah II: Deported to Rangoon, where he died in 1862. His sons were shot dead, Bahadur Shah II

  11. Nana Sahib Begum Hazrat Mahal * Nana Sahib and Begum Hazrat Mahal: Escaped to Nepal.

  12. * Rani Jhansi: Died in the battle field.

  13. Causes of Failure . Scindia of Gwalior, the Holkar of Indore, the Nizam of Hyderabad, the Raja of Jodhpur the Nawab of Bhopal, the rulers of Patiala, Sindh and Kashmir and the Rana of Nepal provide active support to the British. The militaryequipment of the rebels was inferior. . Comparative lack of efficient leadership. The modern intelligent Indians also didn't support the cause.

  14. Nizam of Hyderabad, Gulab Singh of Kashmir, Sikh rulers of Patiala, Nabha and Jind also remained loyal to British. The Sikhs detest towards the Mughals was the main reason behind their remaining against the mutineers.

  15. NORTHERN INDIA THE MUTNY ANA . Zamindars, Land Lords, Money lenders, Big Traders remained loyal to the East India Company. The elite "educated" class of Indians remained indifferent.

  16. NAN POSTS Lord Dalhousie Railways, Telegraph and Postal services, which were initiated by Lord Dalhousie saved India for British from the hands of Indians.

  17. Who said What about this MUTINY? Impact of the REVOLT

  18. PROCLAMATION RIGHT HONORABLE THE GOVERNOR GENERAL OF INDIA Queen Victoria's Proclamation November 1, 1858 1858. lared t lessure to tako the Govansos GasEnAL bereby notifies that from this Day all acts of the Goverument of India will be done in the Name of THE QUEEN alone.