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3rd March 2017 part 2 ( in hindi)
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This lesson contains Questions on BUILDING MATERIAL. Which was asked in SSC JE 2017 on 3rd March 2017 in Afternoon shift.

Seraj Uddin is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Seraj Uddin
"i am not a teacher but an awakener"| owner YouTube channel:- The Master Saheb|

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Nice and interesting course
  1. unacademy SSC JE (2016-17) Set-3 Exam held at 3rd March 2017. Afternoon +Building Material questions * By Seraj uddin Please Rate and comment Share and give your feedback

  2. (1 y nvdinaf the folowing li the main com position of granite? (a) Quartz, feldspar and mica (b) Quartz, and lime (c) Quartz, and silica (d) Silica, lime and alumin:a

  3. Which of the following is good for making the (2) bricks? (a) Silted soil (b) Weathered clay (c) Soil (d) None of these SO1

  4. (3)Marble is an example of (a) Aqueous rock (b) Metamorphic rock (c) Sedimentary rock (d) Igneous rock

  5. (4) On which of the following factors the crushing strength of stone does not depend? (a) Texture (b) Workability (c) Specific gravity (d) Both the texture and specific gravity

  6. (5) The cementing property of cement is mainly due to (a) Lirne (c) Silica (b) Alumina (d) Gypsum

  7. (6) Which of the following could be the speciffic gravity of stone to be used as a building material? (a) 2.7

  8. The process of mixing clay, water and other ingredients to make bricks is known as (a) Tempering (b) Kneading (c) Pugging (d) Moulding

  9. (8) Excess of silica in the clay.... (a) Makes the brick brittle and weak (b) Makes the brick crack and warp on drying (c) Changes the colour of the brick from red to yellow/ . (d) Improves the impermeability and durability of the brick

  10. The setting and hardening of cement paste is mainly due to the hydration and hydrolysis of 9 (a) Tri calcium silicate (b) Tetra calcium alumina ferrite (c) Di calcium silicate (d) Tri calcium aluminates

  11. (11)Air pemeability test of cemcat ist of comcant is conducted to find the (a) Unsoundness (b) Ignition loss (c) Specific gravity (d) Fineness

  12. 13) The impact tests are used to determine. (a) Ultimate crushing strength (b) Toughness (c) Ductility (d) Tenacity