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1st March 2017 Part 2 (in Hindi)
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This lesson contains building materials questions asked in SSC JE 2017 exam, which was held at 1st March 2017 in Afternoon shift

Seraj Uddin is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Seraj Uddin
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free course h qualifie hojyenge n sir
addition of sugar in concrete then what happen?
sir explain in details how do we get the ans for the volume of the cement required for 10m3 of brickwork in 1:6 cement motor is equal to
sir explain in details how do we get the ans for the volume of the cement required for 10m3 of brickwork in 1:6 cement motor is equal to
sir slump test me workablity measure hota h na
Seraj Uddin
a year ago
Thank you sir, it's very help full make another video on other subjects also thanks again
  1. SSC JE(2016-17) Set-1 Exam held at 1st March 2017. Afternoon Building Material questions By Serai uddin Please Rate and comment Share and give your feedback

  2. In stone masonry, the stones are placed in position such that the natural bedding plane is 1) normal to the direction of pressure they carry 2) parallel to the direction oi pressure they carry 3) at 45o to the direction of pressure they carry 4) at 60 to the direction of pressure they carry

  3. Slate and marble stone belong to 1) igneous rocks 2) metamorphic rocks 3) sedimentary rocks 4) foliated rocks Find the one which is not used in quarrying? 1) gun powder 2) gun cotton 3) marble powder 4) dynamite

  4. Hollow bricks are generally used with the purpose of 1) reducing the cost or construction 2) providing insulation against heat 3) increasing the bearing area 4) ornamental look The lime which has the property of setting in water is known as 1) fat lime 2) Hydraulic lime 3) hydrated lime 4) quick lime

  5. Bullet proof glass is made of thick glass sheet and a sandwiched layer of 1) steel 2) stainless steel 3) high strength plastic 4) chromium plate If the rocks are formed due to alteration of original structure under heat and excessive pressure, then they are known as 1) iqneous 2) sedimentary 3) volcanic 4) metamorphic

  6. The shape of the brick gets deformed due to rain water falling on hot brick. This defect is known as 1) chuffs 2) bloating 3) nodules 4) lamination The operation of removal of impurities of day adhering to iron ore is known as 1) calcination 2) purification 3) dressing 4) refining

  7. The speci fic surface expressed in square cm gm of a good Portland cement should not be less than 1) 1750 2) 2000 3) 2250 4) 2500 ent containing detailed description ofall the items of work(but their quanbties are not mentioned) together with their current rates is called 1) tender 2) schedule of rates 3) analysis of rate 4) abstract estimate

  8. The number of bricks required per cubic metre of brick masonry is 1) 480 2) 500 3) 520 4) 540 In the centre line method of working out volumes, for cross walls, what dedurtins mst bemade from the centre line length at each junction? 1) twice the breadth 2) half the breadth 3) 1.5 breadth 4) None of these

  9. The volume of the cement required for 10 m3 of brickwork in 1: 6 cement mortar is approximately equal to 1) 3/7 m3 2) 3/6 m3 3) 3/4 m3 4) 3/5 m3 The explosive for blasting is usually expressed in terms of 1) explosive power 2) volume of earthwork that can be blasted 3) kilograms 4) None of these

  10. Whenever colour washing on Asbestos Cement corrugated sheets is done, in the estimation the plane area of the sheets is increased by 1) 5% 2) 1096 3) 15% 4) 20%

  11. Which department looks after the execution and maintenance of water supply and sanitary works? 1) public works department 2) social welfare department 3) public health departmenc 4) None of these The life of teakwood doors and windows is usually taken to be 1) 80 year 2) 60 vear 3) 40 vear 4) 20 year

  12. The quantity cement concrete damp-proofing course is measured in terms of 1) m 2) m2 3) m3 4) lump-sum

  13. Segregation is responsible for 1) Honey comb concrete 2) Porous layers in concrete 3) Sand streaks in concrete 4) All the options are correct

  14. concrete in which dry coarse aggregate are first packed to have the least voids and then the cement sand mortar is injected under pressure to fill all thefoids, resulting in a very dense concrete, is known as 1) Pre-packet concrete 2) Vacuum concrete 3) No fines concrete 4) Aerate concrete

  15. Addition of sugar in concrete results in 1) Increase in setting time by about 1hr 2) Increase in setting time by about 4 hr 3) Decrease in setting time by about 1 hr 4) Decrease in setting time by about 4 hr

  16. The development of strength of cement and its fineness are 1) Direcuy proportional 2) Inversely proportional 3) Not related 4) Randomly related Flash set of ordinary Portand cement paste is 1) Premature hardening 2) Surface hardening only 3) Hardening without development of heat of hydration 4) All the options are correct