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28 March 2019 Prelims Based Discussion (Hindi)
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Ashish Singh
IB ACIO II- 2017(Mains Qualified), Verified Exam cleared- SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016 - Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains)

Unacademy user
lauriya nandangarh hosts single lion capital not peacock
3 years ago
hoping a clarification
Yes Lauriya Nandangarh has a lion capital.i have already mentioned in my art of sculpture this lesson it was some typing error for which I m really very sorry.since I recorded the video very late night so may be my absence of conscious mind while speaking. So again very sorry for such a big error.its my humble request to all the aspirants to correct this fact.Do watch art of sculpture video ,so you won't have any doubt about this fact.and I am very thankful to niraj to bring this mistake to my notice.
mam can you send ppt/pdf file to my maill id or can u provide me that link thank u
send me your email id
mam can you send ppt/pdf file to my maill id or can u provide me that link thank u
thanks for your reply mam...mailid
hi mam useful mcq's
hi mam... tq i want ppt/pdf files mam i want the google drive link to download the ppt/pdf files...for me it difficult to access the videos all the time mam..
CBN nn nvnvmn bnb gbfn bmnbvbn. b. dvnf f nbb nb b cv m m. b. n vevuv. . m b bn fbb gun nbrmn. n nuvn bn v
ya sir your voice is not more clear and please use highlighter at proper place ....
Ashish Singh
7 months ago
Okay thank you for feedback
sir, please make the sound clear...
Ashish Singh
7 months ago
sir sound please
Ashish Singh
7 months ago
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