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1st Aug - Editorial
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Why India need to trust on Private sector

Ashish Purushottam
LDP Member, WHO John Hopkins University Fellow on Road Saftey legislation Former Lecture, Forensic Science at NICFS,MHA

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u r best chemistry faculty
Good Initiative as mint editorial is not being covered with quality
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  1. Mint Editorial- Aug 1 Presented By: Ashish Purushottam M.Sc. Forensic Science UGC NET-JRF Former Fellow Forensic Science (MHA) Former Lecturer (Forensic Science)

  2. India needs to build trust in the private sector

  3. Context of The Issues Contribution of industries in national growth Refusing to accept ill-treatment of industrialists. . Revival of Animal Spirit in the economy

  4. Broad Contour of the debate Stereotype about the Private sector Importance of Industrialist and Entrepreneurs How Negative Sentiment can led to the Flight of Capital from Country Contribution of Pvt. Sector in Nation Building .Genesis of Trust Deficit . Recent Reform measures by the Government Need of Self- Regulation by Pvt. Sector Way Forward....

  5. Pvt. Sector in Nation Building Aviation .Telecom . Information Technology and . Financial services

  6. Stereotype Issues India is affected by the problem of stigmatized capitalism. Opinion of Mass is sceptical about private sector .Ineffective regulation by the Government . Any Big Reform Measure is taken as Pro- Business and Anti-Poor

  7. Economic Survey Ambivalence Attitude In a socialistic Pattern of Society Wealth and profits are considered as bad words . Ambivalence in India seems greater than elsewhere.

  8. Why we Need Industrialist and Entrepreneurs?? . They are not risk Averse Produce goods and services, jobs Potential Source of revenue . Help in building Social Capital and Public Infrastructures

  9. Negative Sentiments and Flight of Capital . Capital is extremely mobile. A political environment that appears to be hostile to business does not augur well for the economy

  10. Negative Sentiments and Flight of Capital Attracting foreign capital will become difficult, which is needed to plug the savings gap. . Inflation may shoot up and growth will become unsustainable.