Refund Policy – Subscriptions to Unacademy Offline UPSC Centres

This Refund Policy (“Policy”) is applicable for any offline UPSC subscriptions, which are not Short Term Subscriptions (defined below), purchased for the goal/category Unacademy Centres (“Subscription”), operated by Sorting Hat Solutions Private Limited (“Company”) by paying a subscription fee (“Subscription Fee”) on and/or theUnacademy Mobile Application (“Platform”), made available by Sorting Hat Technologies Private Limited (SHTPL) or at any Unacademy Centre where the Subscription is offered.

“Short Term Subscriptions” shall be understood to mean UPSC offline subscriptions wherein the duration of the course is 3(three) months or shorter.

This Policy shall govern the terms and conditions towards the refund of the Subscription Fee paid by a user or learner who has purchased the Subscription (“Subscriber”).

It is hereby clarified that this Policy shall not be applicable for any other subscriptions, products or features made available on the Platform or Unacademy Centres and shall be limited to the subscription to the goal mentioned herein. This Policy should be read along with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and any other policies made available on the Platform. (“Platform Terms”). Any term not specifically defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to it in the Platform Terms.

In the event the Subscription does not meet the expectation and/or requirements of a Subscriber due to any circumstances, or limitations from the Company’s side, the Subscriber may request a refund of the Subscription Fee by writing to the Company at and/or reaching out to your respective Unacademy Centre Head (“Refund Request”) and provided such a Refund Request falls within the “Refund Window(s)” provided below and the same is accepted by the company (“Valid Refund Request”), such transaction stands cancelled, and the Subscription Fee shall be refunded to the Subscriber in the manner set out herein, subject to any deductions as may be applicable as per the terms and conditions set out in this Policy.

If the Subscriber has purchased a Subscription for any batches, other than a Short-term Subscription, and raises a Refund Request during the Refund Window provided below, the Company shall refund: a. 80% of the Subscription Fee paid if the Refund Request is raised within 7 days of commencement of the batch which the Learner may join after purchasing the Subscription or within 14 days of purchasing the Subscription, whichever is earlier (“Refund Window”).

b. 0% of the Subscription Fee paid if the Refund Request is raised after the Refund Window. It is clarified that this Policy shall not apply to learners who have purchased any Short-Term Subscriptions and they shall not be entitled to any refunds.

There shall be no refunds initiated towards any payment that is paid by an individual for the purpose of registration for a Subscription and only refund requests towards the payment made for a Subscription shall be entertained subject to the terms provided herein.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, there shall be no refunds initiated for Subscription Fee paid through any third-party loan financers. However, the Subscriber shall be permitted to request for the foreclosure of the loan. The request for foreclosure may be raised with the Company or directly with third-party loan financiers. If the request is raised with the Company, the Company’s obligation shall be limited to passing on the information to the third-party loan financier.

The Company shall not be liable to provide any refunds, for any reason including lack of usage, or dissatisfaction with the batch/educators, for any Refund Request in respect of a Subscription that is received by the Company after the expiry of the Refund Window. With respect to any requests for Refund Request received by the Company after the expiry of the Refund Window, the Company shall have the sole discretion to decide if any refund should be provided to such Subscriber, in whole or in part.

To process a refund for a Valid Refund Request, the Company may contact the Subscriber to verify details within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the request. Therefore, it is mandatory to raise a Refund Request from the registered email ID and phone number of the Subscriber only. For clarity, business day refers to a day that is not Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or bank holiday in India or in the State where the Company’s office(s) is/are located in India.

In case the Subscriber wants to continue with the Subscription after initiating a Valid Refund Request, the same cannot be withdrawn.

The Subscriber shall receive the refund of the Subscription Fee in the same payment source used to make the payment to purchase the Subscription. In case there are any difficulties or errors in processing the payment to the source account, the Subscriber may be requested to share details of an alternate bank account with requisite documents such as a cancelled cheque pertaining to the relevant bank account for verification purposes. In the event the Subscriber fails to provide the complete details (as may be requested by the Company) of the alternate bank account within 14 (fourteen) business days, upon being requested by the Company in writing, the Company shall not be liable to refund the Subscription Fee.

While the Company shall refund the Subscription Fee, there shall be a deduction towards payment gateway charges, interest and taxes, as applicable.

Whilst every effort is made to provide an excellent learning experience, the Company reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the refund in any event where we have identified a fraudulent activity attributable to the Subscriber requesting such refund and cancellation, including without limitation a violation of Platform Terms and/or applicable laws. In such circumstances, there shall be no re-attempt of refund made to such Subscriber.

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