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Terms & Conditions – Unacademy Referral

  1. Unacademy Learner Referral Program (Referral Program) is organized by Sorting Hat Technologies Private Limited (“Unacademy”) to motivate learners to refer their friends and get rewarded for successful referrals.
  2. The Referral program is governed by these Terms and Conditions, the online Privacy Policies, Community Guidelines. The Referral policy is available on the Unacademy website ( and may be amended from time to time at the discretion of Unacademy without any notice.
  3. Participation in the Referral Program is voluntary. While referring, learners agree to comply with the terms and conditions stated herein in letter and spirit.
  4. Learners can refer their friends in accordance with the referral policy that has been shared over the Unacademy website.
  5. Unacademy reserves the right to modify, add or delete any of the terms and conditions at any point of time at its sole discretion without serving any prior intimation. Intimation of any change, modification, addition, deletion in the terms and conditions of the same will be updated on this page.
  6. In the event of any violation of the policy or use of illegal, unfair or other means which give a referrer an unwarranted advantage over other referees, Unacademy reserves the right to withhold any gifts and reset the points to zero.
  7. Referral points/rewards are non-transferable; non-endorsable; non-exchangeable for equivalent amount of money or anything of value. Unacademy does not promise/promote to do the same.
  8. All gifts must be availed within 12 months of eligibility. In the event gifts are not claimed, the claims will lapse and the learner shall not be entitled to avail any gifts.
  9. Unacademy shall not be responsible for loss or damage of any gifts, including loss of digital vouchers or cards, after the same have been issued by Unacademy. Vouchers or digital vouchers or emails/smses containing unique codes or other digital means will not be reissued again.
  10. Unacademy reserves the full right to change rewards at any point in time. All rewards are subject to product/manufacturer availability. Unacademy will only pay the base value of the gift and any additional taxes and costs must be borne by the referrer.
  11. Referral referral codes must be given directly by learner to their friends. Referral codes are the property of Unacademy and cannot be displayed or shared on a public platform or a social media site using paid marketing and/or sponsored ads and Unacademy reserves the right to cancel any and all referral points where it finds evidence of such activity by the Learner.
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