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Work Done by Variable Force
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This lesson deals with the study of variable force.Its definition and relation to work. How a variable force affects the work.

Adarsh Raj
Teaching Physics for IIT JEE /NEET. 20 MCQ for NEET daily In my feed. Question Series On Each chapter. HC VERMA EXERCISE solving .

Unacademy user
Jatin sir, once you explained BOND YIELD VS INTEREST, can you share date of that DNA? THANKS
Adarsh Raj
a year ago
u r awesome...
Is the answer of the question where a block is lowered ..... -(1/2 )kx^2 where x is the displacement .
Adarsh Raj
2 years ago
Work done by ext force is equal to change in potential energy of system in this case or u can say it is negative of the work done by conservative force. Hope u understand
Dr Musaib Alam
2 years ago
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