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Learn Work, Power and Energy for IIT JEE Aspirants


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Adarsh Raj

This course covers all the important concepts of work done, energy and power. It will help the students to clear their basic concepts of Physics and become confident in the subject. It will also help people preparing for medical/engineering entrance exam and other government examinations. This course also contains some good problems for practice which will help learners to test their knowledge at the end of the course.



7 reviews

deepika kalani

reviewed on Oct 31, 2018

Sir btfuly explained. Nice concept. Looking forward for more vedios.

Parneet Gill

reviewed on May 22, 2018

The lectures are very clear and very interesting. Eagerly waiting for more courses like this. Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Ajay Dattatray

reviewed on Aug 1, 2018

hi super basic thank you upload like this video thank you

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