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Concept of Work
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This lesson discusses the concept of work. It tells the properties of work and its types as positive or negative.

Adarsh Raj
Teaching Physics for IIT JEE /NEET. 20 MCQ for NEET daily In my feed. Question Series On Each chapter. HC VERMA EXERCISE solving .

Unacademy user
sir can work done be negative if yes why
Adarsh Raj
a year ago's depends on cos theta is negative work can be negative
Sir you are explain very nice
Adarsh Raj
a year ago
keep it up
sir can you please explain in hindi
Thank you for give us to easier conceft.
  1. Adarsh Raj E.C.E Educator at Unacademy Loves teaching and debating

  2. Work, Energy & Power

  3. Wonk is said to be done ik a osice causes an object to the disiecthion hanaer nste LJloank is basieal the Ene Gealay

  4. !h body," doesn't move In d19lectron , b body doesn't move fn distetonatfmee. 409102 ComTonent orma is g,esponsible then s oie sponsible , --> Component-0 c i 1esponsible No91 sin only Fcos e coill do W cos 2

  5. Work Fcos In the figure above, we see the woman applying a force at an angle theta. Only the HORIZONTAL COMPONENT actually causes the box to move and thus imparts energy to the box. The vertical component (Fsin ) does NO work on the box because it is NOT parallel to the displacement.

  6. 01 Cos o cm OC 1Oo ON 60 m. 2.5J.

  7. Scalar Dot Product? A scalar is a quantity with NO DIRECTION. So basically Work is found by multiplying the Force times the displacement, which has no direction associated with it. Work Force Distance FORCE Displacement

  8. ngle-Dependence

  9. Work Normal Force FORCE Displacement Force of Friction Displacement Force of Gravity -180 ; cos 180 =-1