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Why Should We Prepare For This Question?
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This lesson highlights the importance of the question at hand.

Venkatesh Chaturvedi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Venkatesh Chaturvedi
Educator on Unacademy since 3 years. Have written UPSC CSE mains twice ( 140 Essay, 100+ in GS papers). B.Tech. from IIT Patna.

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Thankyou so much mam
I believe something that's penned on the resume is irrelevant to speak and repeat in introducing yourself, as the basic motive of the interviewer is to assess the candidate over the aspects that are not on the resume.
hi sir please suggest a good institute for intership for CSE engineering
very nice initiative. Do make such courses on interview questions. helps a lot
thank you sir , that was a great video

  1. Lesson Importance of the question Tell me about yourself

  2. Hello! I am Venkatesh Chaturvedi Graduated from IIT Patna in Electrical Engineering Director's Gold Medal for best allrounder of the batch Category Leader and Educator at Unacademy Rate Review Recommend

  3. Importance of the question x Generally, the first question asked x First impression x Could be source of leading questions x Your 0 rtunity to drive the interview

  4. Things to note Prepare the answer before hand Do not sound mechanical while answering Prioritise things to talk about Practice x x x x

  5. What all you can include x x x x x x Your name (depends) Place you belong to Academic background + accomplishments Work experience Hobbies and interests End by telling them you want the position and why

  6. What not to do Do not wander off Sound polite and do not brag Don't be too modest as well Don't disclose information that may make your a |ication weak Its YOUR interview, don't explain about your family members Don't bluff- they are smart enough x x x x x x

  7. THANKS Any questions? Comment bellow