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How to Tackle the Question, 'Tell me about yourself'


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Venkatesh Chaturvedi

In this course Venkatesh guides the learners towards preparing for the most dreaded question asked in the interview 'Tell me about yourself'. He highlights the dos and don'ts while answering the question in any interview. This course will help the learner to formulate their own answer for the question.



28 reviews

Shreyaa Sharma

reviewed on Oct 18, 2017

Such an interesting idea and such an amazing execution !! Great work with the course Venkatesh . A must watch for all ...everyone will gain lots out of it !!

Vivek Jhajhria

reviewed on Jun 9, 2018

very much helpful. i have come to know about how to tackle that question from this video. and also make a video on give an instance of facing this question in which you are replying.

Kanudha Gupta

reviewed on May 11, 2018

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