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Why do you need a strategy?
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This lesson covers all the important points of as to why do you need a strategy?

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Roman Saini
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melalui laptop ndak bisa download iyaa teh. atau harus berbayar. nuhun
hello sir......i am 24 years old now.......i want to start cse preparation..........but feeling nervous... bcoz of my age........plzzz guide mee............
mam 24 is not such an age that u shud be worried of u shud go for it????????
Jijo Joy
2 years ago
lol I am 29 ha ha
Smritam Pradhan
2 years ago
I'm also in the same platform puja don't worry
Urs truly
2 years ago
don't worry puja its ok.. ira singhal and unmul kher mam did it after 27..its OK do it because u want to do it...then it will b fine...
Neha Tyagi
2 years ago
great answer guys
dear pooja I am also 25 yrs old mother with my 14 months toddler still I am preparing for this exam. if u work smart then no worries.
Roman Saini
2 years ago
Do not be nervous, have faith.
yes sir
thanks to all
Jasmeen Kaur
2 years ago
don't worry... just apply for SC certificate,, enjoy unlimited attempts
Aparna Ghatol
2 years ago
Thank you sir. It is also helpfull for me. m too 24yrs old.
7 months ago
18 years😅
After installation the Unacademy app I'm getting eager day by day to crack UPSC. What a great job you have done SIR. Finally you changed the way of learning. Under your Guidance we WII never give up ????
Jijo Joy
2 years ago
Roman Saini
2 years ago
Agree with everything, but replace question mark with a full stop :-)
Jijo Joy
2 years ago
jfyi, number of followers in the unacademy plus course 'slider' is still showing 493 K. Ask the programmers always to use variable and call the value
sir i am from karnataka how 2018 is my second attempt how i can clear what do for smart work
Abundance of video on one paper make us confused sir ... Please make a video which courses are good to watch
You're such an inspiration! Unacademy is love ????
Lokender Pal
2 years ago
I have a course " The Hindu Editorial Analysis " live on unacedemy ,you can check it out .it can be helpful

  2. Preventionis better than cure. It is better to start in the right direction than to keep on changing directions and reaching nowhere.

  3. You surely do not want UPSC preparation to be another Five Year Plan. Even planning commission has been extinct now.

  4. Abundance of material/coaching institutes/mentors and what not in the market making you all the more confused

  5. You can not waste your precious time and even more precious youth in studying all the material in the market for years, not clearing UPSC and ending up becoming a 'scholar' (Read UPSC baba)

  6. Rather than following people who have themselves not cleared any exam in their life, it is better to listen to toppers who have gone through the drill and know the nitty-gritties of UPSc prep.

  7. Interacted with hundreds of people who have given 4,5 and 6 attempts and could not be selected. Almost all of them had this one regret that they did not get proper direction and guidance in the beginning

  8. After 2-3 attempts of preparing in the wrong direction and failing again and again one loses enthusiasm and will to prepare again even if one gets to know the secret of cracking UPSC

  9. The phase of just passing out from college and starting preparation for UPSC is the best phase to dedicate and channelise your UPSC prep in the right direction. Therefore make hay wh Le the sun shines

  10. Almost a million people are getting benefitted from Unacademy. All of them can not be naive. That means it is working for them. Can work for you too.